My Story

About me and my journey

Hey, hi! Welcome, I'm Rebby

From teacher-turned-full-time mama of 3, I’ve had quite a journey! Around 4 years ago I decided to fully invest in myself and my dream of building a business for myself.

 Now I strive to help other women reach their goals and achieve greatness! I hope my journey will inspire YOU to take a leap of faith and begin your own journey toward entrepreneurship!

what drives me

If I can help fellow moms thrive both at home and in business, then I know I'm doing something right!

Behind the brand

My Story

 I like to think of myself as a ‘modern mama’. Being a modern mama is all about embracing the beautiful chaos of motherhood and entrepreneurship, and finding that delicate balance in today’s fast-paced world. You’ve probably heard the term ‘mompreneur’ tossed around, and that’s pretty much what I embody!

more than a mission..

To me, being a mompreneur is like being a mom on a mission – it’s not just about raising my own kids, but also about empowering other moms to build successful businesses while navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood. If I can help fellow moms thrive both personally and professionally, then I know I’m on the right path!


let’s talk about

My life in Italy...


So back in 2007, at the age of 19, I felt the pull to explore the world – Italy to be exact. I found myself spending a year there as a “tourist” before fully embracing life as an “expat”! It’s been quite the adventure, let me tell you.

Living the “dolce vita” in Italy has been a dream come true – from savoring mouthwatering pasta, pizza, and gelato to immersing myself in the rich tapestry of the language and culture, every day has been a revelation.

Becoming a mama

Then came motherhood...

After saying “I do” and welcoming my first daughter into the world, everything changed. Motherhood wasn’t just a dream; it became my reality. Now, I’m blessed with two daughters and a son, and every moment is a reminder of the beautiful chaos that is family life.

Wanna know a secret? Being a mom hasn’t slowed me down at all – in fact, it’s made me even more determined to chase my dreams and show my little ones the joy of perseverance!

Flash forward to the present

My entrepreneur journey...

After years of being a devoted stay-at-home mom, I felt the stirring of a new adventure. I started a blog, delved into courses on Digital Marketing and Social Media management, with a laser focus on Business and Entrepreneurship. It wasn’t easy – balancing family commitments with personal aspirations never is – but the journey was worth every hurdle. Juggling family and personal goals (with a glass or two of vino in hand) was definitely a challenge, but man did I love every minute of it! Now, with a wealth of experience under my belt, I’m here to encourage my fellow women and goal seekers to follow their hearts and share their unique perspectives with the world. 

So, what's my mission?

Simple. I’m all about empowering you fierce women to rock it in business. From my website to social media and beyond, it’s my mission to help you find that perfect balance and live your best life. 

Excited? I sure am! Let's make some magic happen together


Some of My Passions

Designing on Canva

I’m a passionate Canva enthusiast dedicated to transforming ideas into visually stunning creations effortlessly.

Website Designing

Although there was a learning curve at the beginning for me, I went from dreading it to absolutely loving it. 

Brand Strategy

From brainstorming color palettes to refining logo concepts, I find joy in the process of transforming ideas into impactful visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Color Theory

I‘ve learned that the power of color theory can elevate my art, design, and daily life with professional techniques.

Learning Marketing

Since diving into the world of marketing, I’ve fast-tracked my growth- From clueless wanderer to savvy strategist, I’ve enjoyed every moment!

Content Creation

I love crafting digital content for teaching – I get to share ideas, spark curiosity, and empower my audience!

What Beautiful & Happy Clients are Saying

Working with Rebby has been an absolute game-changer for my business! Her expertise in teaching business building blocks is unmatched. She guided me through every step with professionalism and clarity, helping me build a solid foundation for my brand. I couldn't be happier with the results!

- Sarah T.

Rebby is a true gem in the world of business education! Her dedication to teaching and creating a brand is evident in everything she does. I've learned invaluable skills from her that have propelled my business forward. Her professionalism and expertise make her a trusted mentor and guide.

- Emily L.

Rebby is a rockstar when it comes to teaching business fundamentals and brand creation! Her professionalism and passion for empowering entrepreneurs shine through in every interaction. I've gained invaluable insights and skills from working with her, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to level up their business game.

- Amanda S.